Tasbih helps Muslims during prayers



By Godfrey Olukya 6-6-2013

Muslims allover the world have been advised to highly regard Tasbih (prayer beads )

While addressing believers in Arusha Tanzania, Africa Muslims association official, Abdu Karanga said that Tasbih reflects devotion
that involves the repetitive utterances of glorification to Allah.

He said, ‘It is an invention that helps one to count the number times they glorify Allah. It helps believers to keep track of counting the
number of glorification times. With a Tasbih one can easily know the number of times he glorifies Allah.

Karanga said that however, not much is said about the Tasbih in the traditional Islam writings. He said that he is still trying to establish it’s origin.

Tasbih, he said, can be related to the counting of finger joints by Muslims in glorifying Allah. He warned that not any word is said while
one is devoting himself to Allah but only those that glorify him.

‘It contains 99 beads and each of the beads stand for one of the 99 names of Allah.’ Karanga said.

He requested all Muslims to always use Tasbih as they praise Allah because they help much in the concentration of the minds of those

Some Muslims are usually seen holding Tasbihs especially Sheiks and elderly Muslims in Mosques during prayers mostly during the month of Ramadhan.


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