Sudan is determined to cut off oil from South



By Godfrey Olukya 23-7-2013

The government of Sudan has threatened to cut off oil flow from South Sudan next month because of allegations that South Sudan supports rebels in Sudan.

In the past few months rebels have attacked several establishments in Sudan leading to deaths of several soldiers. However, it is also not peaceful in the whole of South Sudan where rebels suspected to be supported by Sudan government have also been attacking civilians in some areas and causing thousands of people to flee into internally displaced peoples camps.

Authorities in Sudan have set 7th August 2013 as the day on which oil from South Sudan should stop flowing through Sudan. Land locked Sudan’s oil is pumped through pipeline to a port in Sudan where it is exported.

However, South Sudan’s minister of Petroleum and Mining, Stephen Dhieu Dau, has said Khartoum’s decision to shut down oil flow by 7th of next month will affect both Countries.

During an interview, Dhieu warned that both countries will face negative consequences.

He said, “There is no need to stop the oil flow. It is very unfortunate that Khartoum is determined to shut down the oil flow which will have negative impact on both sides. The shutdown will also affect the oil investment.”

The relationship between the two countries has not been cordial in the past few years ever since the South seceded from Khartoum establishment and attained her independence.


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