Statement from Sen. Peralta Regarding Current Factors Affecting the Municipal IDNYC Program          



(East Elmhurst, NY) – “While I myself am a IDNYC cardholder, I am deeply troubled by the current turn of events surrounding the Program, especially in the wake of last month’s presidential election. Yesterday’s news that the City must retain background information on existing IDNYC cardholders, as the result of frivolous litigation filed by my colleagues on the Right, is a blow to the safety and security of our City’s undocumented population. Though the City has stated that it will not retain the background information of IDNYC applicants moving forward, I feel compelled to express my concern that new applications under the Program pose a clear risk to the undocumented. While the City may no longer be retaining immigration documents as a precursor to obtaining an IDNYC card, it remains the case that an applicant’s name and address may remain fair game for overzealous government officials, or for future litigants. While I have always been a supporter of moving the undocumented away from the shadows, this time of uncertainty calls for practicality over politics. I encourage all New Yorkers who are contemplating applying for an IDNYC card to weigh the real costs and benefits associated with the risks that are likely to arise under the Trump Administration. As an elected official who represents the United Nations of all Senate Districts, I know my District is ground zero for the incoming Administration’s attempts to target immigrants.”
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