Muslims have been advised to avoid factions


By Godfrey Olukya 27-1-2017

The leader of Muslims in Uganda, Sheikh Shaban Mubajje has warned Muslims in Uganda and the world over against Islamic faith-based factions which he said are fueling divisions in Islam.

Mufti Mubajje said this in a message to Muslims in the country that it is common for factions to crop up among Muslims which is unfortunate.

He gave an example in Uganda where all Muslims are supposed to be under Uganda Supreme Muslim Council which they are all supposed to support but unfortunately there are other factions.

He said he is the rightful Mufti of Uganda but there was another leader also calling himself a Mufti.
He said, ”Each country should be with one Mufti. There are some people claiming that there is another mufti based at Kibuli mosque, which is a hoax because Uganda has one Mufti.”

A faction of Muslims, especially those from central Uganda were not happy when sheikh Mubajje who hails from eastern Uganda won during the elections of Mufti in early 2000.They decided to appoint their own mufti whom they refer to as a supreme mufti.

One of the Muslim leaders in northern Uganda, Abbas Odur said, ”Those who put in place another mufti and called him supreme mufti are tribalists who think that only those from their tribe should lead Muslims in the country.”
He said that in northern Uganda when the so called ”Supreme Mufti” tried to visit them, Muslims there almost lynched him. He was saved by police. We wanted to finish him off because he was bringing confusion in our religion,” said Odur.


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