Nigeria is a great country and as such the biggest and the largest in Africa. The president of Nigeria who was once a president under the military rule from 1983-1985 assumed power again on the 29th May, 2015 as the president of the federal republic of Nigeria. He officially assumed office on the 11th November, 2015. He promised to give his best to the nation and ensure that the country will be corruption free. After several months in service, the president requested for a 10 days trip for medical treatment in London and eventually spent about 51 days. Some Nigerians were really worried while some were not.

President Mohammed Buhari’s illness is assumed to be what could happen to any normal human being, therefore, it should be regarded as a normal circumstance. He finally arrived on friday, 10th March, 2017 at the early hours of the morning. He decided to adhere to what his doctors instructed him to do which is to rest for a while for a quick recovery but Nigerians want him to assume power and start policy executions immediately. Is this what should really be expected? Nevertheless, Nigerians also have the right to question their government. They might wanted power taken away from the vice president-Oshibajo who as been acting since the president went for the vacation. The acting president proved to be capable of leadership, he attended some executive meetings and made great policies to move the country forward. Nigeria didn’t actually feel the president’s absence as he was able to control and manage the affairs of the state well.

  • Some unknown Nigerians stylishly wished that the president’s case resulted to the same story of the late president Yar’adua who went for treatment and never returned alive, while some prayed endlessly for his safe return. Alas, there comes the return of the lion. After his arrival on Friday, he received many visitors from far and near and also held meetings indoors with his executive members. He eventually addressed Nigerians later on the same day by thanking the people who prayed for his recovery. He also confirmed that he is feeling much better and ready to serve the nation. But, Nigerians still wonder if he can continue the leadership or maybe he is fully ready for the task of leadership, soon enough, this will be known. In exclusive interviews with some patriotic citizens of Nigeria, some confessed that they were really worried about the rumour that spread nationwide and on social media platforms that the president was dead, they said that his return has brought peace and happiness to them.

However, the vice president is currently the acting president and the president gradually takes part in its execution. Nigerians actually believed that after his arrival, he will step down from his post but to the greatest shock of all, President Mohammed Buhari is strong and really to serve the Nation-Nigeria. Come to think of it, this is a normal cycle for every human who is down with any form of illness but Nigerians expect more, you can’t blame them because it is their right.

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