1. Marriage is not easy to handle especially when two wrongs meet. Some people believe in for better for worst while some believe in for worst for go. As a matter of fact, some even believe that marriage is not necessary and it should never had existed. As a typical African woman, I believe that marriage is a do or die matter,wondering?

For a healthy marriage, some people believe in understanding. Partners really need to understand each other to make it work. Mama Chiamaka who resides around Lakowe has been married for 35 years now. She revealed to us that understanding has kept her family moving. She added that she understands when her husband is happy, sad, hungry, angry,tired, lonely, worried and even when he is horny,she knows what to do…

Finance is another major issue that breaks down marriages. Most African wives believe that men are the bread winner of the family but my friend, if you love your husband, you won’t give him all the responsibilities if he is not up to the task. The wife can also manage the family financially if she is capable of doing so. Mrs. Beatrice resides around Lekki Phase1 in Nigeria and she said that she has been the bread winner of her family for the past 11 years after her husband became financially handicapped, though it has not been easy for her but she needed to make her marriage work and she prays that her husband is uplifted again.

African couples insult ehnn…unknowing to them, it is the bed rock of disrespect. Most couples wake up and sleep with insultive words, these barbaric words or more should be avoided. Couples need to respect one another and use sexy words like: my heart, sorry love, my love, honey pie, sweerie, baby love, please darling…and so on. The frequent use of these words or more bind marriages together.

Honesty is another key to a successful marriage. Couples need to be honest with one another and avoid cheating on each other. Madam Shade who is now a single mother narrated her story by saying that she cheated on her husband with a neighbour. She added that on that unfaithful day, her husband caught her in a hotel (name with held) around Isolo in Lagos with her neighbour (name with held). When she got home on that day, she expected her husband to shout and beat her up but to her greatest surprise, he didn’t utter a word. They lived together for another two months and yet, he didn’t talk to her. She was dying inside, lonely, worried and confused. Some nights, she will think her husband will strangle her to death. She couldn’t stand it anymore and decided to leave the house taking her only daughter along. She emphatically said she regretted her actions and wished that her husband will forgive her one day. In other words, dishonesty doesn’t pay in Marriage.

  • Marriage is not by force o but the moment you enter “it”, you just have to try as much as possible to sustain it. In addition, there are other factors for a healthy marriage like; GOD,true love, trust, patience, honesty, tolerance, respect amongst others. BUT, money shouldn’t be taken as a priority, else, marriage could collapse.
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