Apostle Johnson Suleman started in 2004 as a pastor in Omega Fire Ministry. He has gathered a real popularity among Nigerian pastors. He also has great influence in the penticostal Christian world.

Recently, the pastor has faced some allegations stating his indulgent in adultery with his female church members. These allegations have spread over the social media platforms. He however bluntly denied this allegation and further accused the Kaduna State governor – Mallam Nasir El-Rufai for being responsible for the sponsorship of his allegations of infidelity. He was confirmed to be the standing rock against the persecution and killing of Christians in the southern part of Kaduna, which stands as an evidence for the accusation.

In 2016, apostle Suleiman was assumed to have bought a mercedes-Benz 450 GL for a 23 year old Nollywood actress, Stephanie Otobo worth $76,000. She posted the picture of the car on her instagram page and confirmed that they were lovers. She also posted a car worth about 160 million naira stating that the alleged pastor bought it for her.

Recently,Stephanie Otobo was arrested and detained by the pastor for false accusation but she insisted by saying it was true and that she is pregnant for him. She also stated that they had travelled together to countries like; Italy, France, Canada for romance tour. It was also revealed that the pastor paid millions of Naira into her account and the pictures of him exposing his private parts were shown. Stephanie is being detained in order to know who is behind all the assumed false accusations.

The allegations against the pastor are getting out of hand. He was almost arrested by the Department of State Service (DSS) early this year; thanks to Ayodele Fayose, the Ekiti State Governor who came to his rescue. He was alleged to have preached against Fulani herdsmen rampage by ordering his church members to kill any suspected herdsmen they find near him or his church. He confirmed that he never preached anything of such.

The church’s Communication Manager; Frank Shaibu was of the opinion that the Kaduna State government is responsible for the sponsorship of such allegations. He said apart from the evidence of one of the church’s ushers; Queen Esther who had recently accused the pastor of making sexual advances towards her, after being a little tortured, she pleaded saying that the kaduna state governor should come to her rescue as they wondered why she had to mention the Kaduna state governor and not any other name. The intelligence in charge of this case also revealed that some people are being lodged in a hotel for training on cloning the pastor’s voice and crop videos. They wondered who was paying the bills for such training and allegations and then concluded that such allegations erupted soon after the pastor had an altercation with the kaduna state governor.

Infidelity has become the order of the day, some are victims while some are victors as the case may be, but exploiting the young girls should be a no go area. These allegations could fall either ways, it could be true or false. The pastor might be innocent as he said and might be guilty but trying to protect his integrity and avoid being shamed. No matter how far lies might have gone, one day the truth would emerge victorious. Nigerians in particular are watching as things are getting unfold almost everyday – about the illicit act of Apostle Suleiman.

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