Somaliland: Man disguises in niqab to serve as bridesmaid.


A couple of weeks ago at Cakara, a region in Hargeisa, the capital city of Somaliland, a young man of about 22 years old, named Asmacady, was caught in niqab after about twenty days stay with a bride disguising as bridesmaid. Report gathered shows that Amina, the bride, had been having implicit relationship in Asmacady even long before Amina met Abdirahman, the groom.

The groom was ignorantly served food for days by the pseudo-bridesmaid until the day when Asmacady’s mother came with police officers and some officials from Telesom, a telecommunication company in Somaliland – that helped to trace the location of Asmacady, who was reported missing by his parents.

“I knew Asmacady even before I got to know Amina because it was Asmacady that first formally introduced me to her. I’m aware that they were both friends, though unknown to me that they could go up to this level. I just implore the government to take drastic action on this to serve as deterrent for others. This is a very strange and abominable act. They should never go unpunished,” lamented Abdirahman.

“Asmacady’s mum shocked the family of Abdirahman when she fluxed in with the police with a claim that his son had been kidnapped by Abdirahman’s family. And after thorough search, they found Asmacady with the bride in her room serving as bridesmaid. This fake-bridesmaid was just too active that we were even ignorantly scared that she might end up snatching away Amina’s husband. This has never happened before in Somaliland. It’s a shame – strange things are gradually coming to spoil our society,” said Ummuh, a witness.

Both Asmacady and the bride were arrested and charged to court last week.

“Asmacady claimed that the bride lured him into it since she knew his financial condition. He said he needed money badly and the fact that he realised that he wouldn’t be able to get it from his parents made him to accept the bride’s offer,” said an officer at the court who claimed anonymity.

Having pleaded guilty, the culprits were served one and a half years imprisonment with hard labour.

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