“Abuse feels like going through hell” says anti-racism hero, Muntari


Ghana international footballer, Sulley Ali Muntari, who was recently abused by some racists in Italy on the field says the feeling of being racially abused was like ‘being through hell.’ He explained that he was psychologically affected with the act which made him feel inferior at that moment. He said he couldn’t control his inner feelings which made him reacted the way he did.

On the social media platforms, the player has for the past days received widespread applause from anti racist individuals for walking off the pitch when he was racially abuse in the Italian top flight league. He walked off the pitch in his team, Pescara’s game against Cagliari after he was booked for protesting against racist abuse. Many commended his action. However, the punishment for his act was later reversed which as a result paved way for fight against racial discrimination.

‘‘I’ve been through hell. I was treated just like a criminal. My message to victims of racial abuse is … You should not get scared to talk. You should speak out to set yourself free. Don’t be scared of anybody,’‘ he told the BBC in an interview.

He further described racial abuse as a ‘disease.’ The Pescara midfielder said he had practically refused to be silent after experiencing and enduring it for long. He called on racist victims who have been quiet to stand up against it saying that more voices are needed to be heard against racism.

‘‘Yeah we need to come together, we need to build a strong team that can fight this disease (here), I call and it is a disease. So if Fifpro comes together and all the important people that are needed. Definitely, we have to come together and fight it,’‘ he said in another interview.

In addition, he tasked others to stand for their rights and fail to be quiet because remaining silent gives victory to the abusers, who at all cost must not win. He further urged people to be self confident and courageous to speak out against racism.

However, the Italian football federation subsequently rescinded a one-match ban imposed on him after an appeal by the players’ body in the country. The United Nations rights chief, FIFA boss and anti-racism groups have all slammed the Italian football federation for the inaction on the said issue. They said there shouldn’t have been any penelty for his action in the first place. Cagliari, whose fans abused Muntari didn’t receive any punishment with the reason being that only about 10 fans were to blame for the abuse.

The only way to kick against racism is by standing out to speak out. Muntari has endured racists act for a long time, his action and voice against it has earned a fair consideration of regarding racism as an abuse of human right. He urges anyone going through the same abuse to speak out for peace of mind to prevail.

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