To boost regional security, five country Muslim alliance established


The level of crisis in the world has caused a troubled mind for Muslims. Islam is a religion of peace and so it must make sure that the peace legacy is met.

In order to further secure people in the world, a group of muslims have come together to establish what is called “five-nation mechanism” which is composed of Turkey, Pakistan, Qatar, Malaysia and Indonesia. The major aim of the group is to improve regional stability, Turkey’s Defense Minister Fikri Isik said on Wednesday.

It was confirmed that the Muslim alliance was formed on the sideline of a maritime and aerospace exhibition in Kuala Lumpur in March. However, it will focus on defense to explore ways of increasing security.

“I think that the mechanism will also contribute to the stability of the region and the peace of the world,” Isik said at a defense industry fair in Istanbul.

In addition, he said that the model would provide an example for other countries to follow. He reiterated that peace is very important in every country and that every Muslim should be committed to making peace in his environment.

However, The Kuala Lumpur agreement which has been signed stresses defense relations between the partner nations. This will go a long way in curbing violent acts in the partner nations.

It was further confirmed that discussions were held in March which focused on the importance of unity among Muslims and how to face security challenges such as radicalism, extremism and terrorism, according to a statement by Malaysian Defense Minister Hishammuddin Hussein. He further emphasized in the statement that unity not only among Muslims should be held as priority but also among other religions. Racism is another problem that the alliance is set to tackle.

The alliance proposed scheme would involve collaborations between defense industries and militaries from the partner countries as well as a focus on peacekeeping and humanitarian assistance. This is a huge task that must be done. The world is becoming a restless society. Through groups and alliances like this, there is hope for a peaceful society.

The initiative in other way will also increase coordination and cooperation among member to rectify misconceptions about Islam. Some believed that Islam is a restless religion which has been misunderstood. Muslims are actually peace makers who seek for peace to reign.

It was reported that a ministerial meeting that will finalise the procedures to carry out the Peace making functions will be held in Qatar later this year.

This alliance will stand a chance to unite the people of Turkey, Pakistan, Qatar, Malaysia and Indonesia. After it commences full operation later this year, hope for peace will be guaranteed in these countries.

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