Gambians cry out as Chinese destroy their environ


A lot of Gambians both at home and abroad have launched a massive campaign against a Chinese company based in Gunjur. The company called Golden Leaf Factory has been accused of destroying the natural environment of the region, most especially the sea lives – thereby depriving Gunjur residents their means of livelihood.

Modi Jorbateh, a Gambian human rights activist, made this known to the public and called on Gambians to voice out against this inhumane act. He lamented that Gunjur beach has been made unsuitable for picnic and general relaxation as the Chinese company has polluted its air with very bad odor.

“Golden Leaf Factory is releasing a stinking and sickening bad odour into our communities in Gunjur. It is dumping dead fish around the beach. It is releasing effluent, i.e. liquid waste from the factory into the ocean,” said Jorbateh.

An online petition tagged “President Barrow and the Gambian government: Close Golden Leaf Factory in The Gambia now and safe the Gambia’s future” has therefore been released calling on The Gambian government to intervene and safe Gambia from future enviromental hazards.

“Please sign this petition to stop Golden Lead Factory from exploiting The Gambia. They are dumping factory waste into the sea and fishes meant to feed Gambians in the forests and beaches. This is destroying our environment and putting vulnerable communities at risk. Let’s act now to protect The Gambia and her children,” said Oumie Kuyateh, Gambian social activist

A Gambian environmentalist, Oley Jahumpa Narr however balmed The Gambia’s National Environment Agency (NEA) for allowing such environment degradation act to take place in the country. She said, “If a social and environmental impact assessment was conducted by the NEA and that assessment taken seriously, this would not have happened.”
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