Africa Digest: Be Wary of Talk Gladiators


Studies have established humans as talking beings. Advance knowledge of biology helps us to understand that clarity in speech is a common place trait that distinguishes us (humans) from other species under the animal kingdom. This talk trait is central but its distribution is not always uniform. Humans can be further categorized along the line of speech –whether as a chronic talk person or otherwise.

Observations have helped us note that two set of people do much talking. Everyone needs to watch out for them and be able to place them in their rightful places. Africa Digest will dwell on this today by helping us identify who is who in this regards because confusing them for another is doing oneself great harm.

Lairs talk a great deal. Yes, because they want to appear truthful. They say too much in a way to cover up for themselves. Know that a lie cannot stand alone. It is only truth that can stand in singleton. A lie needs about three other lies to wear as armor in other not to be easily disputable.

The trick is simple: when all you get from a long talk is all stories but no substance, then beware you are probably locked by a lair. Substance (as used above) means knowledge and wisdom filtered from talks with colleagues, friends, associates et al.

However, do not confuse all talkative(s) for liars. Some talkative(s) are far from that. There is a fragment of sages who cannot stomach thoughts and ideas without letting out. They might even be worse talkative(s) than liars. This is true as some liars might not be talkative(s) too. Some pretend with fewer words.

Here is the litmus test, when you hear more of artificial things or domestic beautiful make ups, a lie is probably building. Notorious politicians and salesmen are the greatest employer of long “talkativity”. It is their inmate characteristic to hold people down for long: they merry-go-round on the surface with fantasies and too many lies. Beware! This is exactly why a large percentage of sages prefer to talk less. It is perceived that much word losses virtue. And, that there is power in brevity and being explicitly concise.

Sages who do the long talks believe that dark glasses used by criminals to hide their urgly faces should not be condemned simply for the act because same dark glasses can be used by welders to hide their beautiful faces for safety. Long talk sages speak with substance. You learn new ideas from their talks, understand a concept and build wisdom for your reserve.

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