RAMADAN GIST: The influx of Ramadan breeze


By Ummul Khaer

The weather changes into rainy and breezy, markets get busier than before and Sha’baan’s moon gets smaller than ever, indicating that it senses serenity at almost its peak, it assures a jail sentence to a life threat and grants an ease during its stay. Ramadan is on its way to put bodies into diet and put hearts in the midst of everyday feast. Getting ready for the month of the Quran is one thing that needs a whole systematic preparation to be put forth; it needs more than you to get ready for it but then it needs the most from you to make preparations work.

The human guide was revealed at a time like this and this is the celebration of the complete map of humanity, Ramadan is said to be like a military boot camp and it became the turning point of many by the grace of Allah. It only befits that we should aim to make the most out of this blessed 30 days and to face the world with the right mentality after its farewell, in sha Allah.

In this brief article, I would like to share some of the tips that have helped me and my family to enjoy the company of the Quran and to end earlier Ramadans with good note.

  1. Get your intentions right before Ramadan:

“Indeed, deeds are by intentions” said prophet Mohamed (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him), getting your intentions shifted from any worldly sense to the most high, Allah, can turn any deed, small or big, into pure gold and you will be rewarded immensely even by dealing with your daily routines and it will have an effect in whatever you do.

  1. Set a realistic schedule before Ramadan kicks in:

Before you start scheduling, your family are as important to know your schedule and to be on the same page as you to make any schedule work. Family is a crucial part of everyone and we have proofs in the Quran that family can be the best of company when it comes to spiritual boosting exercises as it is mentioned in Surah Daha when Moses was asking Allah to send Harun with him, he highlighted that they will Remember Allah together and that they will together exalt him (Surah Daha, Ayah 32-34). Break your day into minutes and plan realistically because you don’t want to miss any minute during this Ramadan.

The above mentioned two points plays the biggest role in terms of having a productive Ramadan and in summary, I would like to see how your Ramadan goes after implementing the above points, this article will be the first of a weekly Ramadanic articles that we will be sharing to have a blessed Ramadan together.

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