Nigerian women fasted and prayed for their president’s health: good news reported after


It has been reported today that President Muhammadu Buhari has regained his strength,significantly improved, doing very good, okay and awaiting his doctor’s nod to return to Nigeria

Last month, the President left Nigeria for London to continue with his medical treatment. His medical travel has caused alot of grievances among some Nigerians. It was further reported then that only his physicians can determine when he will return to Nigeria and to work.

In a recent report, a source in the Nigeria High Commission in London, United Kingdom, told some journalists when asked if the president’s health had improved substantially.

“He is doing very good; he is ok but his doctors will determine (when he will return).”

The official, who sees Mr. Buhari regularly, asked not to be named because he had no permission to discuss the president’s condition with journalists.

The president had returned to Nigeria on March 10 after spending 51 days in the British capital during attending to his health. This has caused many questioning from Nigerians who are wanting to know the cause of his sickness. Some even stated and photo shopped the president undergoing a blood transfusion.

The president stated after his arrival that he could not recall ever having blood transfusion before. He also hinted that he would return to the UK for further treatment which he did just last month.

“I’m feeling much better now. There may, however, be need for further follow up within some weeks,” Mr. Buhari had said while addressing the country.

In response to some Nigerians’ negative actions. The embassy source expressed sadness that some Nigerians could wish the president dead, saying “(it is) sad that any human being will wish another dead. It’s sad but God is all seeing and will always suffice and to Him we submit all our affairs. They have failed and will continue to fail.”

Some Nigerian women from all walks of life on Wednesday converged in Abuja for a one-day prayer and fasting session for the speedy recovery of President Muhammadu Buhari. This is what love is all about.

It was reported that the women were led by President of the National Council for Women Societies (NCWS), Mrs Gloria Shoda who said that prayers had become necessary to ensure the good health of the president.

“We have been praying as individuals in our closet but this time, we have decided to hold this open prayer for our president. We want him to recover quickly and return to work. The council has decided to make this prayer a monthly routine to ensure that things work well in this country also.”

“Nigeria belongs to all of us and it is our responsibility to always pray for our leaders, most especially our president, irrespective of our political affiliations,” she added.

In addition, Shoda said that the prayer session was also held to ask God to restore the glory of Nigeria and move the country forward. She believed that prayer is the solution to all problems, no matter how big they could be.

Anna Nosike, the founder Gender Support for Women Emancipation and Empowerment Development also told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that the prayer session was to bring down the Hand of God upon Nigeria. She said that Nigeria at this stage needs God’s mercy to restore the lost glory.

It is a good thing to talk about love but the best to show and practise it. Nigerian Women have taken it upon themselves to pray for the President’s safety. Also, Nigerians have been assured that the president is strong and will return soon.

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