RAMADAN GIST: On The First Day


By Amatul Qafaar

This is the second article of our series Ramadan Gist, and in this article we would like to shed light on how some Muslims exclude the first day of Ramadan from whatever schedule they have and how some others among us try to overwork themselves the first few days only to find that it was unrealistic and it led to exhaustion.

For us to have a pleasant start that can go up to the very end of this blessed month and yield results that stays life time, I would like to share tips that will help us kick off a good and blessing start, Insha Allah.

1. Break the tasks down

Daily dose of the big projects/tasks you have will make easy for you to finish the task without you being overwhelmed or trying to finish it all at once and before the deadline. This will help you get a final and perfected product.

2. Start your day off with the most important task

Ramadan is the month of the Qur’an; it is the month of contemplation over the Qur’an and memorizing it. So for one to start a productive day, we should give the Qur’an its due respect and make it our first companion of any day and try to wrap our days with review of the Ayahs (i.e. verses) that we have memorized/ recited throughout the day.

3. Make Dua for Barakah

Without the blessings of Allah and without Allah granting you increase in whatever you have be it time, energy or sustenance then you will surely feel like you lack them and it will never be enough. So, for us to avoid that big lost, we all should pray for barakah and try to make the most out of every source that Allah blessed us with.

These above tips have helped some of us before us, and it is practical and realistic for the first day and the first week to have your expected fruits. We will, God willing, come back together for more deep discussions about Ramadan and how to have the most productive Ramadan to this date.

Please do share these tips with friends and family in order to have a productive Ramadan.

May you be showered with blessings and Allah’s mercy.

Until we meet again insha Allah tomorrow: wa salaam alaikum.

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