Ugandan man buried with 200 million shillings as directed in his will


Once again, the story of Charles Obong, the late Ugandan government official who instructed in his will that 200 million shillings be deposited in his coffin after death, re-appears on social media. This time, massive reactions from the public have been to condemn the act and to describe it as awful.

It should be recalled that the deceased was a formal public service officer. The news was shocking because it was really unexpected, not only because of his position before death as a senior personnel officer in the Ministry of Public Service but because for the unspeakable intent behind his wish.

It was learnt that Mr Charles made such request so as to be able to “bribe God” in  the hereafter for the atonement of his sins. While reacting to this, Aruna Afeez, Special Unit President of Aisec Lautech slammed on the act, describing it as unthinkable.

“it is highly unnessary,” Aruna said. “he has just thought the world another way to waste wealth. And for conceiving to bribe God is totally unthinkable. I don’t understand his orientation for writing such blasphemy in his will. 200 million shillings is enough to execute laudible community service projects in Uganda. His name for such philanthropy wouldn’t have merely been immortalized. As a matter of fact, generations to come would have grown to learn about him.”

The reactions however may not have been completely fair on Charles, perhaps because he is not alive to clarify things. But, at age 52, Mr Charles Obong is expected to have grown in wit –especially as it showed that he was from a religious background. After all, his burial rites was conducted by the church.

A number of others considered the act as mere public advertisement. Akodu Olumide for a person sees the action as a deliberate attempt to throwing his family into insecurity. “His families are no longer safe. Anyone can attempt to take advantage of this. Criminals especially can leverage on such open publicity to prey on some of his relatives with the knowledge that the family is a pot of wealth. More so, I can’t imagine somebody of his personality advertising share foolishness over ephemeral things. If seeking God’s forgiveness is what his intent was, why didn’t he consider spending in charity while alive? I feel he is only seeking for attention after death.”

Late Charles Obong’s will statement continues to generate more reactions on the internet as time goes on.

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