World awaits next Ballon D’Or winner


The football community is in suspense over who the next winner of the Ballon D’Or will be. As the world is left without a clue on who gets the award this time, football analysts, experts and fans are expressing the choices and casting their votes as the announcement date draws nearer.

Some questions have been speculating. Will a new face emerge this time? Will it be the old faces again? Will Barcelona’s Messi get his sixth award or will Cristiano Ronaldo match up with Messi’s five record? Whether any of these will happen is left for time to tell. The world may have to keep waiting for the announcement from the regulatory board of the Award.

In the meantime, Brazilian football legend, Ronaldo signals his interest in having his namesake emerge as winner this year. The Brazilian legend in a brief with Fox Sports disclosed his choice for the Real Madrid star. “This year, I would chose Cristiano Ronaldo as the winner of the Ballon D’Or,” Ronaldo disclosed. He however acknowledged his reservation and love for Messi as a distinguished player as he made his preference.

“I love Messi with the ball at his feet, he scores goals and does all the rest too. But Cristiano’s number cannot be ignored, he explained. So, while the world wait for the result of who the winner is this year, one thing is certain, whoever wins will be making history over again.

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