Arsene Wenger renews contract for another two years with Arsenal


Arsene Wenger has finally revealed that he will be extending his stay in the club. Wenger agreed to another signing of a two year contract with the club, following a recent meeting with the club owner. The French man before winning FA Cup at Wembley in a 2-1 final match against premier league champions (Chelsea) has been heavily criticized by fans for every unfortunate circumstance faced by the club. Many are of the opinion that he has overstayed his welcome in the club and that they wanted a new face as manager.

Reacting to the many criticism,  however,  he (Wenger) has promised to disclose his take about his future to the public.  With this new agreement Wenger has signed, perhaps,  Chris Sutton was right when he said Arsene Wenger was “an uncle who doesn’t want to leave the party.” Sutton was being sarcastic saying party instead of club.

Arsene Wenger has spent over two decades in the club as Manager with some success stories and a number of ill lucks as well. This season, Arsenal finished fifth on the Premier league table – this brings them to finish outside the top four since Wenger’s joined the club in 1996.

Arsene Wenger himself admitted being faced with criticism that he described as “a disgrace” he will “never forget”. He disclosed this on BBC’s football focus last Saturday during an interview.

With this new development, many of the club’s fans and football enthusiasts are out rightly disappointed having Wenger continue in Arsenal. Many of them seem to be expecting to learn about his departure from the club and not a renewal of contract as we have it. According to Gary Lineker, BBC Match of the Day Presenter, Arsenal may suffer their worse hit in the coming season.  “Arsenal have got a long way to go at the moment, they are a long way behind. If you ask me now whether Arsenal are going to be in the top four next season, I would say most probably not.”

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