President Kenyatta slammed for Lessening Madaraka Day


Shamirah Abdallah (Reporter)


Following the Madaraka day drama, Kalonzo Musyoka , the Wiper Party leader fired at Uhuru Kenyatta, the president of Kenya over turning the Madaraka Day Celebration into a Kikuyu affair in Nyeri county.

The Wiper leader Kalonzo called out the president after being biased when the president kept on using his native language on a National event.

He was reported saying that, Uhuru’s act of using his local language encouraged discrimination between tribes by favoring his Tribes men in Kenya, which he termed as perpetuating tribal divisions.

This happened a day after Raila was snubbed by Uhuru at the Madaraka Day ceremony in Nyeri, on the 2 of June, where the former Prime Minister and NASSA leader Raila Odinga was not given a chance to address the crowd nor was his presence recognized.

Kalonzo, also called out the president for ignoring Raila Odinga who has in the past times been lauded for fighting for democracy in Kenya.

Nevertheless, according to Duale, Madaraka Day was a national celebration that Raila was not guaranteed to speak.

“Madaraka Day was not a rally, wedding or funeral. It was a national day presided by the president. Therefore, if Raila doesn’t speak, it doesn’t mean that Kenya is not inclusive,” said Duale, leader of the National Assembly in Kenya.

Others said that, protocol or no protocol, Raila had to speak.

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