British government exposes trafficking business via Pakistani airport


Syeda Faiza Bukhari (Reporter)


Recently, British government issued high alert to all the airlines which are operating in Pakistan about this abusive crime. They warned about two human smuggling suspects, who are involved in facilitating three Afghan women to travel to London on passports from the Benazir International Airport Karachi, Pakistan on Sunday 28th May, 2017.

Per Dawn newspaper, the alert was issued after the FIA asked the British authorities to cancel the visa issued to the two suspects who were using visa on their fake identities. Altaf Hussain is a mastermind and Usman Hussain is the handler who managed to fly out from of Islamabad in a PIA flight (PK-785) on May 28th 2017.  Even though their names were among those four smugglers identified by FIA in a report sent to the interior ministry.

Federal Investigation Agency got Mir Altaf alias Dr. Altaf’s pictures and passport. He was having 10 years UK visit visa. On UK visa he managed to travel to London and then London to Muscat on 30th May,2017 by Oman Air.

During preliminary investigation the women produce three Afghani passports issued in the name of Taj Zai Rahila, Farima Mohammad Zai and Estoria Asghar.

She revealed during interrogation that she had paid $20,000 each in travel from UK to Sweden.

The FIA duty Officer Muhammad Naeem Akram who was arrested, he revealed that had issued a boarding passes to the women on the direction of the task officer Muhammad Israr Khan who was also seen in CCTV footage provided to FIA investigators.

The senior FIA official informed the interior ministry that an Afghan woman was using passports of British nationals of Pakistan origin. He said, “During the investigation it emerged that two employees of PIA were also involved in human smuggling.”

Committee Chairman Senator Rehman Malik said, it seemed there was an organized gang involved in the smuggling of drugs which was recently recovered from PIA planes at the Heathrow Airport London and Islamabad airport.


Every year thousands of innocent people fall into the traps of smugglers or traffickers. The human forget their purpose on this land. However, the government of Pakistan makes a full-proof mechanism to overcome this embarrassing issue.

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