Ronaldo’s son discloses that former Manchester United boss went mad when his father scored.


It’s a great thing to know you’re loved even by your ex-boss. It helps one to enjoy the pride of every moment of one’s life. Ronaldo, no doubt is a first class genius that every father will want to have as son, whether as a biological son or an adopted one from any part of the world. With his recent record at the Champions League final, he has become even more admirable in the eyes of the world.

As it is in the news that Barcelona has congratulated Real Madrid on their success at the finals, son of the star, Cristiano Jnr is also in the news. It is reported that after the match, Ronaldo had an encounter with his former boss, Alex Ferguson, where he did introduce him as “Boss” to his son.

Ronaldo further disclosed before Ferguson that his son had informed him earlier of his reaction after he scored. Ronaldo said, junior told him, “you went crazy when I scored!” Ferguson laughed and embraced the little boy, who must have been watching him from a distance while the match was on.

With Real Madrid’s victory over Juventus, Sir Alex Ferguson celebrates with Ronaldo as he wins his fourth European title. Ronaldo also went home with the man of the match award for being the highest goal scorer in the match. It was all double for the Portuguese -the joy of winning and the excitement of being loved by those that mattered.


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