New charity organisation marks tenth day of Ramadan with the feeding of indigents


As part of projects to remind the world the significance of caring for the needy, Humanity Charity Movement (HCM), a Philanthropy Youth-led Muslim Organisation based in Nigeria, has (yesterday, 5th of June) hosted a street feeding iftar feast for the less privileged in Ogbomoso-Oyo state, who has made home the Sabo-Masifa axis of the town.

In line with the creed that defines the organisation, exercising charity is a duty on every capable believer and the encouragement is in itself a complete virtue. This informed the need why members and volunteers of HCM came together to mark the 10th day of the holy month of Ramadan in such a grand style.

According to Miss Kola-Ogunlade Hubaydah, one of the organisation’s board of Directors, about 103 persons benefited from this first phase of the food feast of their Ogbomoso Street Feeding Initiative -this she described as success as it was the very first street feeding they hosted since the inception of the organisation. Miss Hubaydah, following the completion of the iftar street-give-away, expressed her sincere appreciation to all who in one way or the other was instrumental to the execution of the project, thanking them for their supports and encouragements.

“Special thanks to all,” she listed, “donors, members, volunteers, programme planning and logistics committees, fund raising personnel, kitchen committee, market filters” and every other persons who through kind support and donations “contributed towards the success” recorded.

“Our influence,  encouragement and supports were deeply felt…,” she affirmed.

Miss Hubaydah was also reported to have disclosed that the organisation will (in the coming week) replicate the street feeding package for residents within and around Adenike area of Ogbomoso. She said this in a short broadcast message on her social media timeline while beseeching Allah to make it possible.

“We intend afterwards to feed 100 fasting souls on the street of Adenike Area of Ogbomoso, we hope to reignite the bond of brotherhood, bidni’Llah.”

In a brief interview by MuslimCommunityReport with Miss Gbadamosi Suebat, a member of the organisation, who spoke on the significance of charity and the place of pure intention, she identified charity as a good connect channel to the creator and the all sustaining provider.

In her words: “charity is a good way of getting reward from Allah (SWT) if done with good intentions.” She stated that charity “is a way of helping the needy.” And further  explained that it is “equivalent to making other people happy.” In response to why charity must be encouraged,  she noted that it gives the needy a sense of belonging and hammered on the need for Muslims to rise to the task of assisting another because there are many in the society who though live amidst us but cannot afford catering for their welfare ( Sahur and Iftar inclusive in Ramadan).

Therefore, while the people of Ogbomoso and the world at large look forward to the second phase of Humanity Charity Movement’s Ramadan street feeding feast, everyone is hereby encouraged to maximise the days of Ramadan in additional charitable deeds as the month is running out.



Correspondent: Ridwan Adelaja

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