Greenbles laments over poor management of the agricultural sector in Nigeria, signifies support to help government


Agriculture, despite as a sector that caters for the sustainability of man; it is one of the major sectors that suffer in the hand of the government. This is especially true for many countries in Africa. Experts have demostrated and shown great concern in getting government to be kind in improving this sector over time. But, sadly, the noise of many of this agitations have subsequently fell on deaf ears.

Another call, on the 6th of June, has been made to the government by Comrade Saeed Oshin, CEO of Greenbles, a Social Agricbusiness eCommerce Network,  on the need for government to consider growing the nation’s agricultural sector in a way of attaining self sufficiency as a country.  He lamented the degradation that has met the sector in recent times and disapproved of the use of obsolete farming practices in an advance society when we should be talking about advance farm mechanisation.

“It is quite unfortunate how farmers are let down. No, this cannot continue. It is our responsibility to help them enjoy farming. Enough of this suffering and unnecessary hardship we expose them to. Our farming system should go beyond the use of local farm implements. It is not done. We cannot expect maximum food production this way.

“Government must create enabling environment in Nigeria so that investors can be, at least, attracted here. We must relegate all policies that will not help our Agricultural sector to flourish.”

He pointed out that Nigeria is the Largest Producer of Cassava but how unfortunate that the commodity is itself very expensive for even Nigerians. He revealed in his submissions that the Greenbles team is ready to support the government as an open partner to grow the Agricultural sector.

“We, Greenbles are ready to support the government in making Nigeria great again. Our joy is seeing a better Nigeria,” he envisaged.

In addition to the CEO’s pledge of the group’s readiness to support the government,  Comrade Saeed Oshin made do with the opportunity to announce and invite the public ahead to the coming Halal Expo summit slated for December.

“Greenbles is using this medium to inform the world that something big is coming in December.  Everyone should look out. It will be the largest African Halal Expo Summit.  Everyone is welcome to join us as we set revolutionary quality standards for emerging markets.”






Correspondent: Adelaja Ridwan

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