Nigerian youths call for the scrap of government ministries and agencies that add nothing to the nation’s purse


In the bid to avoid spending on liabilities with the nation’s usually insufficient revenue, some Nigerian youths are of the opinion that government should cease to fund any ministry or agency that will not contribute directly or indirectly to the nation’s purse. They describe this as intentional waste and lavishing of public funds, especially in times like this when the country is complaining of tight economy.

Comrade Abdulrasak Kolawole Ahmed, member of Paradigm Nigeria, a youth-led leadership organisation in the country initiated this in his LET’S DISCUSS OPINION COLUMN which has generated mixed reactions from the contributing public.

He emphasized on the need for workers to design profitable ventures that will serve as  income end to the government. He advocated for this need as a way of helping both the state and federal government out of the challenge of paying worker’s salaries without undue delays and compromise.

“I believe that in order for our states to be able to pay easily, workers must generate more revenues through their services, so that the state has enough to pay their salaries and execute other projects intended.”

The Comrade however noted that not all of these ministries and agencies can directly add up revenue for the state. The problem is when this ministries are too numerous,  there milking the nation dry. In his remarks, he disapproves of having to run a community,  state or country on bailout from the federal government or having to borrow funds from some foreign lands.

“I understand that it is not all ministries that are revenue generating, but they should be very few… otherwise, they are a liabilities. Everyone should be bringing something to the table so we all have something to eat.

“Our tax system needs to be reviewed and made more transparent and accountable. Tax evasion should be a serious crime. The idea of waiting for Federal bailout or borrowing to pay salaries needs to be discouraged. I think our states needed to be run like an ambitious organization -with self sufficiency as a key ideology, he advised.

Thinking along this line, everyone will agree that funding a basket with water will not quench the thirst of a basket, no matter how small the basket is. And if the needful is not done, one will pour a sea through a basket without retaining a cup for one’s self. Perhaps, this is why Ladoke Akintola University of Technology in Ogbomoso,  Oyo state is suffering till date with her student all turned out as a result of non payment of Lecturer’s salaries by her visiting state governors.

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