RAMADAN GIST – DAY 11: Tackling the Tactics of Shaitan


By Amatul Qafaar



It is a regular problem that we sometimes feel good, feel Allah’s existence throughout the day, feel very close to Allah and have our heart filled with love and then all of a sudden feel sulky, sad and sometimes find the regular Ibaadah heavy or hard to be performed. This is so humane and Shaitan’s whispers can make any day seem gloomy if not tackled properly.

We will be looking at ways we can win over the whispers of Shaitan and get our faith filled, once it drops.

In most cases, a sin you have committed is the cause for the Shaitan to whisper to you or for your iman to decrease. He looks for loopholes and you committing a sin is what triggers him to operate like crazy and take advantage of your vulnerability.

Here are ways to protect yourself from Shaitan and recognize his plots before it gets too late:

1. Sit with yourself and find out the root cause

If you cannot remember what sin got you into that situation, then you best take time with yourself away from everything and try to figure out which one it is. When you find out, repent from the sin and promise to Allah and to yourself that you will try your best to stay away from it and you will find Allah as forgiving.

2. Sit with the Qur’an

For every problem there is Ayah of Qur’an. Don’t carry the burden of dealing with it all alone, consult the Quran and you will find its soothing answers and healing solutions to be the right thing at any moment. If you don’t know how to read the Arabic Quran or cannot understand it, then get a copy of its translation and you will find yourself feeling much better than ever

3. Avoid any void company

Whatever company that doesn’t benefit you is indeed a void one and can be a sin in and of itself, find ways to avoid those kind of companies and rather look for a good company that can benefit you in this Dunya and Akhirah too.

4. Make Dua and continually seek refuge in Allah from Shaitan

Ask your Lord to protect you from Shaitan and make a habit of seeking refuge in Allah from the evil thoughts and Shaitan.


I hope this will practically help us to tackle Shaitanic thoughts and will free us from the bad consequences of his whispers, in sha Allah.

Until we meet next time, Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatu Allah.

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