Police killed in Somalia, Al– shabab claims responsibility


In Somalia’s Southern port city of Kismayu on Monday, a bomb was planted in one of the police stations. After the blast, one policeman was confirmed dead. Following the incident, Al- shabab, the only dreadful militant group in the Horn of Africa, claimed responsible of the act.

“A policeman died and several were injured after the bomb blast. However, we are investigating the cause of the blast,” Hassan Nur, a policeman said to the pressmen.

In 2012, Al-shabab lost control over Kismayu. The group has been ruling most of the south-central parts of Somalia since 2011. However, Al-shabab lost the parts after being driven out of the country’s capital Mogadishu with the intervention of the African Union troops (AU).

Despite the loss, Al-shabab keeps on carrying out gun and bomb blasts on the territory and often claims casualty. On different occasions, the group claims casualty numbers that conflict with the ones registered by the government officials.

“We planted a bomb inside a police station in Kismayu. We killed four policemen and injured 27 others,” said Abdiasis Abu Musab, Al-shabab’s military operations spokes person.

According to the militant group (Al-shabab), the attack was targeted at police soldiers preparing to beef up Kismayo security, following the President Farmaajo’s arrival in the port city on Tuesday.



Reporter: Shamirah Abdallah

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