Uhuru Kenyatta apologizes for poor roads in Kenya


While on his campaign tours for the second term in power, the President of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta went via some poor roads in the country and was forced to apologize. This happened during his second day of tour in Nakuru.

On Saturday during his campaign, the president came across the road joining to Salgaa and Rongai trading centres where he was heading to. The president’s motorcade experienced driving on a four kilometer road full of potholes.

President Kenyatta apologized to the residents for the poor road infrastructures, and promised it would be fixed as soon as possible.

“I am a resident of Rongai and this road is a big let-down. I apologize and promise to make sure it is fixed,” said Kenyatta to the gathered crowd.

“Count on me on this. I will not even send my deputy to come and launch the repairs, I will come personally,” he added.

In addition, the president announced his plan of making sure that the Standard Gauge Railway launched recently, reaches as many parts of the country as possible to stimulate development.

“SGR will be extended to Eldoret, Kitale and other parts of Western Kenya to facilitate growth in Agriculture and other parts of business ventures,” the president explained at Salgaa trading centre.

Seeking for a second term from the residents, the president elaborated the achievements as reached upon by his government in the past four years in power.

“What Jubilee administration started in 2013 like connecting rural communities to the national grid, health services upgrading and development in infrastructure, has transformed the lives of many Kenyans and that is why, I plead for a final term with you,” he explained, to the residents in jubilation.

“Today, nearly five million Kenyans are connected to the national grid, a situation that has improved the living standards of millions of Kenyans,” he further added.

Uhuru Kenyatta said that in his second term, mothers will be given NHIF cards at free cost after delivery and they will also access health services with their babies for a year.

In this campaign, the president was accompanied by Lee Kinyanjui, Governor Kinuthia Mbuguwa, Susan Kihika and Ms Liza Chelule.

“We will follow Kibaki footsteps of free education and give our children free education from form one to form four,” said Kenyatta.

“My government’s agenda is to unite and serve Kenyans,” he stated his main preoccupation.




Reporter: Shamirah Abdallah

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