Confusion looms as more youths from wealthy homes make way into terrorism


Kenya’s County Commissioner, George Natembeya, has appealed to parents and guardians on the need to intensify efforts over monitoring the movement of their wards as terrorists are taking advantage of time for sinister deals. Natembeya made this appeal following the arrest of five youths, reportedly to be on their way to Somalia to join Al-Shabaab terrorist group.

These youths according to news feeds are teenagers below 20 years and are currently under the watch of security operatives. The County Commissioner disclosed that these youths arrest was on two separate encounters. He revealed that a set of three were apprehended on Tuesday,  6th of June, along Isiolo-Garba-Tula road while the other group of two were arrested at Bute in Wajir County.

“Three of them were arrested Tuesday along Isiolo-Garba-Tula road near Garissa border while two others were arrested at Bute in Wajir County. They were on transit to Somalia.”

It is however reported by Shabelle Media Network that three out of these suspects are currently working with the police in probing those behind recruiting youth in the County. Al-Shabaab terrorist group after their formation in 2006 has grown its capacity to a very frightening number. And how youths from wealthy homes get lured into the group is worrisome.

In the last arrest, it is discovered that these youths hail from Tulluroba and Chechelesi estates. And reports filing in from parents in recent times to the police are cases of missing children suspected to have been abducted by terrorists parading the neighborhood to recruit youths. Al-Shabaab continues to be a threat in the world with their close relations with Al-Qadr.


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