RAMADAN GIST – DAY 12: How far have we gone?


By Amatul Qafaar



It is the 12th day and almost half of Ramadan is gone. What goals have you achieved? What goals did you put aside?

Surely, time flies, and its flying is on another level during Ramadan. We might not even get to see the next Ramadan so every minute of Ramadan must be treated like a treasure. We have been sharing Ramadan Gist for 12 days and in this article today, I would like us to evaluate ourselves before we start the next half of the month without knowing what we’ve done during the first half.

Let us have a rough checklist for what we have achieved for the past eleven days.

  1. Your understanding of Ramadan

Did you dig deep and find out about Ramadan more this year? Or have you been operating with your past understandings? If yes, what changes would you like to make before we reach the second half, in sha Allah?

Tip: Listen more of Ramadanic lectures and read more about Ramadan in case some of your understandings need to be changed.

  1. Your connection with the Qur’an

Have you made the Qur’an a companion this Ramadan? If the Qur’an has always been your companion, how closer did it come to your heart?

Tip: Understand the Qur’an and try to apply its ayaat to your life even if it is one ayah in every ten days, in sha Allah.

  1. Start doing daily reflection by the end of everyday

Summarize your day and learn from the mistakes you made and start afresh. Start everyday you wake up again, you might do the same mistakes everyday, but the key is patience with yourself and repentance on a regular basis.


I hope this article will benefit you, in sha Allah. Let us pray for each other and  pray for humanity at large. May we all have a blessed siyaam.

Wa salaam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah.

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