RAMADAN GIST – DAY 13: Habit Tracking


We have talked about how far we have gone with Ramadan in our previous article. And in our 13th article, we will be looking at habits. See, Ramadan is time for new healthy habits to be established and for unhealthy habits to be thrown into the trashcan.

Before we hit the mid of Ramadan, why don’t we take a moment of thinking for those unhealthy habits we need to dismiss? And why don’t we take our pens and jot down the new habits we need to bring home to have them for life?

I would like to recommend some habits to take from Ramadan to the rest of the year, insha Allah.

1. Sleeping early

I hope we have been sleeping earlier than we have been sleeping before Ramadan, but have you not realize that sleeping early is the key to productivity since it will help you wake up early and take advantage of the whole day ahead? Take this habit from Ramadan and see your life changing before your eyes.

2. Daily dose of Qur’an

People take the Qur’an from the shelves on the first night of Ramadan and it is even an option before or after Ramadan. You don’t need to start big but the Qur’an should be in your life throughout the year not only during Ramadan. Start with 2 pages and experience the transformation of your life and the Barakah it will bring into your life.

3. No slandering and backbiting

Ramadan is not but a boot camp so if you have been keeping your fast safe not only by abstaining from drinking and eating but also from saying bad things about your brothers and sisters in Islam, then cut this foul habit from your life completely and start a fresh start after Ramadan is over.

Remember that one of the signs of an accepted Ramadan is that one keeps doing the good practices they were doing during Ramadan.

May we be among those who their fasts and deeds get accepted, Ameen.

Until our next article, Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah.

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