Independence referendum in Iraq- Kurds government chooses September


After the fall of Saddam Hussain’s government and passing through the long suffering, miseries, conflicts and fighting, The Kurds achieved their target to run a government in Iraq.

Kurds are the people who live in mountains after they have conquered and Islamicized the region.

Top government officials and political parties in Iraq’s autonomous Kurdish region have agreed on independence referendum in September 25, 2017 in the presence of Irbil chaired by President Massoud Barzani.

Per BBC World News, “A statement said voting will take place in the three provinces that makes up the region, and areas of Kurdistan outside the region of administration.”

This referendum is strongly opposed by governments of neighbouring countries Iran, Turkey, Syria as well as by the US.

In April 2017, senior Kurdish official Hoshyar Zebari told Reuters News Agency that a “yes” vote would not necessarily mean independence had declared.

Broadly speaking Iraqi Kurds are split into different sects among 62 per cent are Shia, but about three in ten nearly 30 percent identified themselves as Sunni Muslims and rest of 6 percent are just Muslims.

From 2003-2013(the period of violence and terrorism) United States played a major role in overthrow the Ba’ath Government of Saddam Hussain. Kurdish suffered a political oppression and injustice being an inferior at t e hands of Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria, each of them has practiced hardest policies against the Kurdish population and treated them as inferior citizens. Currently they demanded a democratic co-federalism within Turkey and Syria.

Historically, Kurdish fighters have played a vital role as US backed campaign against Saddam’s Government and jihadist group but didn’t receive any fruitful reward in return.

Mr. Zebari said it would merely help the Kurds press their case for “the best deal” on self-determination once so-called Islamic States (IS) defeated in Iraq.

Furthermore, the city of Kirkuk and the towns of Makhmour, Khanaqin and Sijar voting would be declared in the month of September.

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