Senegambians slam Senegalese government for cutting ties with Qatar


On Thursday, some people of Senegal and Gambia region of West Africa severely criticized Senegal’s recent action taken against the Qatari government.

Having recalled its ambassador from Qatar, Senegal was, a couple of days ago, reported to have joined the gulf countries that cut diplomatic ties with Qatar with a claim that the country is supporting Iran and some terrorist individuals and groups in the region.

According to a Senegal local news outlet, a statement from the Senegalese Foreign Affairs Ministry said it was acting in solidarity with other countries in the Gulf who have cut diplomatic relations with Qatar because of the country’s alleged funding of terrorist groups and friendly ties with Iran.

Kemo Bojang, a Senegambian political analyst, called the actions against Qatar “hypocritical” and blamed the US for playing double standard in this matter.

“I have no idea what Senegal is doing cutting ties with Qatar. What will the state gain taking part in the gulf crisis ? The gulf crises is hypocritical in itself, the financiers of terrorism are cutting ties with another because of terrorisms, while the inventors of terrorism (USA) try to act mediator and peacemaker. Global politics is confusing and contradictory as its name,” said Bojang.

“How will Senegal benefit from this is the answer…… geography should be considered, type of economy, etc. And how does terrorism lay in the hands of Qatar but Saudi is innocent triggering cutting ties?” he added.

Some people of the region are of the opinion that Senegal took the action purposely to please the Saudi government because it is believed that KSA has a significant influence on global economy – most especially in crude oil business.

“Global politics is based on geopolitical interests. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia sits on the highest global oil and gas reserves. Senegal felt that her economic interests resides in Saudi Arabia,” said Pa Malick Saidy.

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