Ronaldo is a phenomenal player -Lionel Messi


It is not new hearing different appraisals for the Real Madrid football star. Cristiano Ronaldo has been described and referred to by many as a genius on the field of play. He has also been equated to an indomitable lion in the football jungle where scoring and dribbling are the songs of survival.

It is exciting to hear all this from fans and football analysts who found Ronaldo worthy of praise. It is however delightful coming to hear his fellow colleagues and career seniors recognizing his Mastery.

Just last week, we heard senior Ronaldo saluting the Madrid WonderMan. Now, we have a report from ESPN quoting Barcelona’s star, calling Ronaldo a Phenomenal player. Messi went on to disclose that he loved to be compared with him. He admitted that their dreams as players is to do better each time, each match and at each season.

“No, I have always said it, and [Ronaldo] for his part – he is armed with the presence of us both. We try to achieve the best every year for our team, and what is said outside of that I don’t think is very important.

“He is a phenomenal player with a lot of quality. All the world knows, and that is why he is one of the best of the world.

Messi told the Press that a player’s motivation is to win titles and as it concerns them (Ronaldo and Messi) according to their contracts, the Champions League and La liga is their biggest catch.

“Whenever a new season starts it should be better than the last one, we play to achieve win more titles and to be in the final stages of the Champions League and to win La Liga.

“It didn’t happen this year. We tried, but it didn’t happen; we ended it with the Copa. We hope that the year to come is better in the aspect of titles.”

However, the big suspense is still on. Who gets the awards this year? Will Ronaldo win the Ballon d’Or and tie with Messi? Or, will Messi kiss it for the sixth time and set another record?

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