Time To Live Peacefully Now


Dear Peaceful, moral majority:


Please wake up and help us educate our decision-makers who are under the bloody dictates of antichrist and soulless Weapons Manufacturers’ lobbyists about hypocrisy and their murderous lies.

Backing, training, arming and continuously supplying sophisticated weapons to any faction in a conflict anywhere in the world, is not mediating, helping, or trying to find peaceful solutions. Doing so is a heinous crimes against humanity and a perpetuation of conflicts on behalf of DC Special Interest Groups that the peaceful, moral majority can no longer tolerate.

To all our elected officials, religious leaders and decision-makers, we demand you immediately change your modus operandi or be changed with real life-honoring leaders.  For sake of our survival, weapons lobbyists must no longer be permitted unfettered access to our decision-makers to lead us into self-destruct and endless global conflicts just for profit and military strategic positioning. Enough of for profit blood-shedding. There is no more isolated conflicts, since everything has become universal nowadays.

For God’s sake, it a high time to be left alone to peacefully cohabit in our chosen environs without divisive and deadly political interference engineered by these lobbyists.

Take for example the latest deadly stupidity proudly announced by DC Special Interests Messenger, President Trump, a record arms deal between United States and Saudi Arabia that we must do all that is possible to cancel now because the last place on earth to be armed is a nation in the hellish Middle East. #wiseuptopeace

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