American planes sighted hovering in the South Chinese Islands


US news agency Think tank said, “Beijing appeared to have deployed weapons such as anti-aircraft and anti-missile system”.

China said on Friday 9th June 2017, “It was monitoring US military activities in the South China Sea after two US bombers conducting the training flights over the disputed water”.

Several sovereign states like Brunei, the People Republic of China, The Republic of China, Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines, and Vietnam claims both islands and maritime. It is estimated that about US$5 trillion worth of global trade passes through the South Sea, many states including United States want this water as neutral for all trades and they raised the slogan “freedom of navigation”.

Per AL-Jazair the US Pacific Command said, “Two American Air Force B-1B Lancer bombers flew a 10 hour training mission from Guam over the South China Sea on Thursday, in conjunction with the Navy’s USS Sterett guided-missile destroyer”. “It was normal exercise and “China is not entitled to the territorial waters there”, US officials said at the time.

The latest exercise was the part of Pacific Command, “continuous bomber presence” programme, and it didn’t give any details on where it conducted nor do any refer as freedom of navigation.

Chinese ministry said referring to the United States, “China always maintains vigilance and effective monitoring of the relevant country’s military activities in the South China Sea”.

UN criticized China’s artificial construction of Islands and build up military facilities there and through this strategy China is expanding its wings in economic-market. The Chinese ministry said, “China’s military will resolutely safeguard national sovereignty, security and regional peace and stability”.

As President of United States Donald Trump stressed his first presidential speech, “America is first, China plays a world leader”,

China is mapping a global leadership in the world of economics and is as emerging world number two economic power on the map of the world. Beijing didn’t bother on White House thorny remarks about South Chinese Sea, “Defending International Terrorities” in the disputed waterway.

United states even challenge China four freedom navigation patrols in South Chinese Sea.

AMTI said satellite images of Islands of Islands of China have built in the Spartlys showed what appeared to be anti-aircraft guns and what were likely to be close-in weapons systems to protect against cruise missile strikes”.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shaung told the News briefing in Beijing said, “I don’t understand the situation referred to in the AMTI report”. In addition to that he said, “The Nansha Island’s are Chinese inherent territory. China’s building of facilities and necessary territorial defensive facilities on its own territory are incompletely normal”.

Chinese Defense Minister said, “As for necessarily military installations, they are mainly for the defence and self-protection and are legitimate and lawful”. Furthermore, he added, “If someone makes a show of force at your front door, would you not ready your slingshot”.

On one question about “The 20th century was American century. Can we expect the 21st century to be the Chinese century?” Chinese President in his interview with Al-Jazaira news agency said, “In this sense, China has long supported the current international system with United Nations at its core. The UN is the most authoritative inter-governmental organization with the broadest representation, whose charter is endorsed by the people across the world. In fact  many problems in our world, turbulence , chaos and wars, all result from the fully implement the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, the very essence of which is respect of sovereignty, non-interference in internal affairs, peaceful settlements of disputes and international cooperation. If all countries big or small, strong and weak, abide by the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, the world will be more peaceful and stable, and countries will prosper together. This is goal and philosophy of Chinese diplomacy.”

China is rapidly growing in the field of economics. It is facing international challenges. It’s the world’s second economy to the military muscle flexible enough in Pacific. Chinese South Sea is originally peaceful and stable. China resolves this issue peacefully with proper dialogues and consultation with the neighboring countries. It is willingly provide with more public goods by building necessary facilities. This issue is already solved. With the cooperation of neighboring countries China become as a cooperative partner rather than a rival, a friendly neighbor rather than a “threat”. As per policy of economic-trade it needs a peaceful and friendly market.


Correspondent: Syeda Faiza Bukhari

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