Cancer unites Indian and Pakistani Scientists


Despite of incongruity and aversion, the two neighboring countries decide to shake their hands and are working together against the fatal disease cancer. Professor R.V Krishnamurty, Professor Karim Essani and Dr. Yogesh Suryavnashi are working together at the US University in Washington.

According to report by Nature Group in Washington, these scientists are working together by following the recent report by Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo about the cure of cancer with Nitrogen isotopes. The research was observed in Scientific Reports.

Professor Krishnamurty is leading this research project because he is the isotope chemist specializing in the earth science. He said while making his research.

“I have been nurturing the idea of using natural distribution of stable isotopes in medical research, particularly cancer, for a long time, but could not proceed until I found the right collaborator in Karim who is professor in our Biology department and an expert in virology.”

According to science, a large group of cells, muscles and tissues are made up of amino acid. During the research these scientists analyzed the ratio of the nitrogen isotopes ratio of normal and cancerous colo rectal cancer cells. By using the nitrogen isotopes metabolism of amino acids in cancerous cells can be observed.

Their focus was on aglumatic acid which is non-essential amino acid in our body.

The scientists said that glumatic amino acids ratio is different in healthy cells as compared to the cancerous cells. While on the other hand, essential amino acids used as supplement in diet.

By following the Dawn Newspaper, Professor Krishnamurthy praised the work of Professor Essani Karim and Dr. Suryavanshi who is working as an assistant. Professor Krishnamurthy said, “This is a small step in cancer research but arguably the first of its kind. This is potential for applying these techniques to various cancer types and develops methods in diagnostic and therapy.  Obviously this calls for expertise from the diverse disciplines. In the scheme of a building, this is not even a brick, but a grain of concrete.”

In short, it is a sign of good omen that two neighbouring countries are working together in the field of research and technology. The scientists lead the region towards peace and prosperity which is very essential for regional development.




Correspondent: Syeda Faiza Bukhari

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