SAFA President commends the Bafana Bafana team, says the victory is historic


The president of South Africa Football Association, Danny Jordaan, has confirmed why there was so much noise from across the world over the victory recorded by the Bafana Bafana team in the Saturday’s AFCON qualifiers match in Uyo. He said the uproar was as a result of the fact that the team losing out is Nigeria, whom much have been expected from. He expressed his excitement while congratulating his boys for a job well done, noting that the victory will go down history to be remembered.

“I must take this opportunity to congratulate Stuart and the team for the emphatic victory over our nemesis, this was a truly incredible result that will never be forgotten.”

The President explained that the most amazing aspect of the victory is the sense of professionalism as displayed by the Bafana Bafana team with their mentality, character and spirit. He attributed the winning to signal a progressive South Africa.

“What was pleasing was not just the scoreline but the manner in which the result was achieved – the boys displayed a strong mentality, strong character, fighting spirit and were never overawed by the occasion, which shows we are doing something right as a nation.”

While responding to questions on, the President commended the team for a good start, sharing the honour to dismiss the old notion of people believing that the Nigeria Football team is second to none. He encouraged the team to keep the tempo.

“This was surely the best way to start in the AFCON qualifiers because many have always said Nigeria was the favourite and South Africa must fight for second place, now we have dismissed that notion.

“It was indeed a great victory that we will talk about for many years to come but it is behind us now and the focus is on the next match. We will take a break on the AFCON qualifiers and soon start with the World Cup qualifiers, so this kind of display needs to continue as we have always said Bafana Bafana must be present in all the major tournaments. This was a great start but we must not get carried away as there is more that still needs to be done in the qualifiers.”

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