RAMADAN GIST – DAY 23: Heart’s Own Way to Quench Thirst


By Amatul Qafaar



“But as for the favor of your Lord, report [it].” [Qur’an: Chapter 93, Verse 11]

What your tongue says has direct relation with how the heart copes with the trials and tribulations, you are what you say in many cases, and your heart’s condition depends on how you put your situation with your own words.

What do you consider as a blessing?
What you might look as a bad situation is sometimes a blessing from up above and when you don’t pay attention you might fall into the trap of satan for making you among those who are heedless. A blessing disguised in a bad form can be tricky but you have to think twice when you are framing the circumstances you are in as unfortunate ones.

Going through a trial, be it being in fearful situation, or the loss of wealth or beloved ones can be the best thing for a person among us if only we follow the right formula for dealing with it. Patience is the key to Jannah and it is said to be one of the traits of those who will get Firdaws as rewards.

Mean it, when you say it

Have you ever pondered when you said “Alhamdulllilah”? This phrase means more than we think and even though we cannot go through the meanings that are impeded in it in this article, but I would like to mean that we are praising Allah for whatever He has given and that we are thankful that He has blessed us with whatever He gave us.

Next time you say Alhamdullilah think twice before you move on to the next statement which in many cases happen to be a complaint that covers all aspects of your life.

I will wrapping today’s article with, may Allah grant us to be among those who are grateful and among those who Allah describes as ‘few’ that will attain the highest ranks of Jannah.


Wa salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah

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