Ethiopia builds the first continental smart parking facility worth $2.2m


Africans are at the moment stepping up in science and technology. The continent has viewed the need for advanced technology as a priority and a right for every African to enjoy. No doubt, this will enhance economic growth and development.

Recently, Ethiopia established a smart parking facility which cost about $2.2 million. The parking lodge is said to have a steel facility that can at once hold 90 cars in a space which could originally hold nine cars. Also as part of its advanced technology advantage, electronic lifts pick cars and embed them within a structure which will eventually create more space for other cars to park.

This newly advanced car parking facility has been confirmed to be a continental first, a facility meant to ease vehicular parking and to keep with global trends in the area of vehicle safety. This is Africa’s first smart parking facility located in one of the continent’s fastest growing cities, Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.

One of the officials in Addis Ababa transport bureau said:
“We have confidence in the system, there may be uncertainty but this system has a high level of certainty. It also has high level of safety features. It is unimaginable that cars may fall or flip. Even if there is an earthquake, this is a steel structure, it is much more safer than concrete.”

In addition, the official gives details about the facility:
“The number of vehicles is increasing and so is demand for parking. On our master plan we have selected 60 places to construct smart and concreted parking systems. There are several smart parking systems being built in Addis at the moment similar to what you have seen. Some even have a capacity of parking about one thousand five hundred cars at a time.”

The car users are said to pay via credit card system then one’s car is placed on bed and taken up for parking. The charge for each hour is less than 2 US cents. Also, reports disclosed that the ground area around of the facility can also take 120 cars at full capacity.

Ethiopians are excited with the new and advanced facility. They believed it will help to decongest the traffick on the roads as many cars do no have where to park. This facility will also create an avenue for Ethiopians to enjoy full car safety and drivers’ security.

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