Saudi Arabia refuses to take Turkish military base

Recently, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia denied having a military base in Turkey. Turkey also built the similar military base in Qatar. Due to Saudi-Qatar ties Saudi Arabia refused the offer by Turkey, a Saudi local radio reported .

After Kuwait, Turkey also stepped forward to resolve this issue. On Saturday, Saudi Arabia persisted it is “not needed.” Saudi soil didn’t sanction Ankara to plant on their empire, according to state media.

On June 7, 2017 Turkish troops have been employed to Qatar after the permission of government officials. Saudi rejects the offer of Turkish base in their country. SPA News Agency reports, “Kingdom cannot allow Turkey to build military bases on its territories0.” In addition to that officials said, “Since their armed forces and military capabilities are best level.”

According to an Al-Jazeera unnamed official, the statement said, “in the fight against terrorism and protecting security and stability in the region.”

The kingdom refusal came up to when Turkish President Tayyib Erdogan told Portuguese broadcaster RTP that he had offered to build a military base in Saudi soil shortly after work began on Turkey’s facility in Qatar in 2014. He said, “I made the same offer to King Salman…and said that if it’s appropriate we could also establish a base in Saudi Arabia, they said they would look into it but since that day nothing more came.”

Report gathered also shows that Turkey wants to mediate the terms between Qatar and Saudi Arabia. It has been giving untiring efforts to lessen the spics between these two Gulf States. Turkish officials call these accusations of supporting “extremist and terrorist’s state” they called this as “base-less” allegation.

On Saturday, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that the diplomatic ties cuts need to be resolved as soon as possible and accusations should be proof by providing them logical evidences.

On Friday, after holding conversation in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with king he said, “Qatar wants to see that, Kuwait, which is mediating this and we too.” He explained his visit to Saudi Arabia is to resolve the issue and live like before.

He further concluded that the accusation against Doha has not yet proved. According to him, they are “baseless issues”.




Correspondent: Syeda Faiza Bukhari

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