Pakistan’s Prime Minister offers free treatment to 9 month old girl with holes in her heart


A nine years old young girl Bushra was admitted to RIP for a hole in her heart. She got an absolutely free treatment via Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharief Health Program.

Maryam Nawaz Sharief, daughter of Prime Minister tweeted, “May Allah blesses the little angel with the speedy and complete recovery. Let’s all pray for her.”

Prime Minister Health program is a milestone towards the social welfare services. It ensures the togetherness deprived citizens across the country. He said, “It is a step forward towards making Pakistan a real welfare state.”

Rawalpindi Institute of Cardiology (RIC) is an expensive and unique open heart surgery hospital. It is chest open surgery through the sternum (chest bone), get into the heart and its chambers.

Dr. Nadia Aziz Member of Parliament Assembly who supervises Halal-e-Ahmer during discussion told that the baby girl is too young and it’s very important for her to live a healthy life. It’s her social right to live a healthy life.” In addition to that she stated, “Prime Minister has introduced a common plate for the welfare of common man.”

It is the first health insurance program held by the government for the prosperity of the common man by providing him a low cost treatment.

As per Dawn Newspaper PM said, “It is our duty to provide the best medical care to poor people and this program is just a step further in executing our responsibility.”

The parents of baby girl while giving interview to Express News told, “It’s a courtesy of Prime Minister who is helping us. We can’t afford such expenditures.”

The expenditure of this open heart surgery of Bushra is approximately $5,358. The government took responsibility of all the expenditures of her heart surgery. It’s a good hope for the benefits of common man.

While giving interview to Dawn Newspaper, Prime Minister said, “People sell their property and household items for medical treatment of their loved ones, but this will not happen anymore,” by adding that the government would take strict action in case of complaints of corruption and wrongdoing in the scheme.

The program entitled “PM’s National Health Programme” has been divided into two phases. Approximately 1.2 million families get benefit from this scheme. They get free health facilities in phase 1. The impetus of this configuration is to facilitate those people who are earning less than $2 per day that are 55%. This initiative is for those who are suffering from heart diseases, Diabetic Mellitus, burns and RTA, dialysis, chronic infections, organ failure and cancer.



Correspondent: Syeda Faiza Bukhari

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