Japan donates ten million dollars to support refugees welfarism in Uganda


UNICEF has always stressed the need for the world to do more on issues of refugee welfarism. Recently, she highlighted some major aspects of concern that needed serious and urgent intervention in the bid to stabilize the lives of refugees. UNICEF has time to time talked about the enormous challenge of keeping these families together, getting the young ones into school and efforts towards restoring their troubled home.

To this effect, Japan, through her Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has disbursed an Emergency Grant Aid of 10 million US dollars to refugees and host communities in Uganda. This is to support and cater for the mass of refugees that had flee their homes to seek security in Uganda. Japan disclosed this in a press release issued out on the 20th of June, as published and distributed by APO.

“The Government of Japan decided to extend Emergency Grant Aid of 10 million US dollars to refugees and host communities in Uganda.”

The release stated in details the motive behind the grant. Japan, according to the release is supporting refugees with the grant in a way to ensure security of lives, provision of food and delivering services related to health,  water and sanitation. It further contained that the grant was also to contribute to the development of refugees and their host communities.

“This Emergency Grant Aid is to provide humanitarian assistance such as refugee protection, provision of food, delivering services related to health, water and sanitation and to contribute to the capacity building for refugees and its host communities to sustain their coexistence in Uganda, through United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), World Food Programme (WFP), and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).”

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