Madrid places one billion Euros on Ronaldo as exit clause


After much persuasion from the club chairman, coach, colleagues and fans to discourage Cristiano Ronaldo from leaving the club as he disclosed earlier, Real Madrid chairman has placed a €1 billion exit clause on him. This is to be paid by any club that must have him. There have been talks that Manchester United, Chelsea and a host of other clubs have been bidding for the star. This €1 billion clause is a good strategy, from the chairman, Perez, to retain Ronaldo in Madrid.

Following Tax allegations from prosecutors, Ronaldo has been reported to accuse Madrid of not adequately protecting him as their player. And that the only solution is hopping out of the club to seek safety elsewhere. In a recent story, the chairman has stepped out to defend his club superstar, describing the four time world best as a complete gentle man. He said this while speaking with Onda Cero, reacting that the news alleging Ronaldo as delinquent as a complete hurt.

“This is all very strange. I will defend him as a player and as a human being. I know Cristiano and he is a good guy, both as a professional and a person. What people cannot do is talk about him like he is a delinquent, that bothers me and is hurtful.

“I do not know his tax situation very well. I can only say that we all have to fulfil our obligations when it comes to taxes. But I have no doubts about Cristiano. What I have been told is that he is using the same corporate structure that he used in the UK and there were no problems there.

“Cristiano is not angry about who pays the fine. He has always wanted to comply with the rules.

“We released a statement to show him our support. There is nothing Real Madrid have to do now. Cristiano will have to fulfil his fiscal obligations. There is a solution for everything.”

Meanwhile, Perez has maintained his stand on the €1 billion euros as exit clause for Ronaldo in the event that he insist on leaving. He, Perez however noted that he has not heard from the Portuguese star, stating that he will communicate with him in quick time.

“I have not talked with him yet, but I will talk with him in the upcoming days. But he has a €1billion exit clause. Unless someone is willing to pay that, he will not leave.”

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