The Orange Project hosts career talk for secondary school students in Nigeria


Over the weekend, Saturday, 17th of June precisely, The Orange Project team hosted their Secondary-School-Students Contest and exchange program as part of voluntary efforts towards developing and reshaping the lives of the younger generation. The social and educational impact program, as aptly described by the event manager, Mr. Salau Taofiq Adedolapo, was held in Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Oyo state.

Studies have, according to Ms. Maryam Oladepo, the convener of the youth engineering project, shown that “about 76.5% of graduates around the world do not end up practicing what they studied in the University.” Most often than not, this result from wrong choice of discipline by students when they reach the bridge to decide. To this cause was The Orange Project initiative born, with the hope of assisting students understand their person, ability, distinguishing their choice and selecting a career appropriately.

The event floor was opened by an enlightening debate session from the youth participants and later followed by an educative career talk from a league of lead instructors. While appreciating the Almighty for making the event a success, Ms. Maryam Oladepo, acknowledged the collective efforts of her team in the realization of the project. She posited that Nigeria is on her way to progress if only more hands can get involved in nation building, pin-pointing that the true honor of living lies in the number of lives touched by any individual.

“We use this medium to express our great sense of appreciation to everyone who lived our dreams with us. We are especially excited to have as many differential personalities associate with this Secondary School Project. A million thank-you will not suffice to acknowledge your sacrifices.

“On behalf of The Orange Project team and the Secondary School Students of Ogbomoso, I salute all our soul-inspiring speakers, our amazing teacher coordinators, our wonderful participants and their respective schools. You all added colors to the youth-engagement session.

“We perceive the wind of influence and positive change blowing across Nigeria. We are very optimistic that a brighter Nigeria is achievable. We are equally hopeful that this trend will continue. After all, legacy of a man is not measured by the number of years spent but by the number of lives touched.”

Also responding on the success of the event, Salau Taofiq, disclosed that The Orange Project team will not rest on her Oasis, stating that the world should expect yet another hosting. Highlights of the day also included a reflection session, gift presentation and rolls of photography.

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