DHL attributes company’s success to super delivery and efficiency from her employees


More has always been said on the role of employees in driving a firm forward. No doubt, DHL must have gotten a fair share for appraising their contributions in the success as recorded by the company. It is reported that about 4,000 DHL Express employees in Sub-Saharan Africa were recognized for their contribution.

The Vice President, Human Resources, expressed his excitement as the company celebrates her employees. He stated that the meals, awards and the fan of celebrating is their way to appreciate the ever dedicated fans.

“Special meals, giveaways, fun team activities and long service awards are just few of the ways we are celebrating, recognizing and rewarding our employees across the continent.”

“While the focus is on fun, the initiative is meant to recognize and reward our teams across Africa who make it possible for us to deliver excellence to our customers. One of Deutsche Post DHL Group’s three bottom lines is to be the ‘Employer of Choice’, so our efforts are focused on creating a great place to work.

“We believe how we think influences what we say and do and the only way to maintain our ‘Insanely Customer Centric Culture’ is if we have highly motivated, well-trained, emotionally-engaged and happy employees.”

Clegg again emphasized that employees in any part of the world are the heart of any business. He stated the c

“It’s easy to say that employees are at the heart of your business – but it still comes down to strategic planning and program implementation. Companies should have a robust employee engagement program in order to get the best out of their teams.”

“At DHL Express, we have a full scope of supporting programs, such as Certified International Specialist (CIS), a cultural change program that all employees across sub-Saharan Africa go through, along with regular reinforcement training and our Certified International Manager program, which focuses on ensuring that leaders have the right leadership and social skills to support and develop their teams.

“We also have an annual, independent Employee Opinion Survey and regular recognition schemes, such as Employee Appreciation Week and Employee of the Quarter/ Year. I believe a large part of our success lies in the fact that our leaders are measured on employee engagement as part of their performance criteria – this ensures that it remains top of mind.

“While recognition of employees remains a key element, it is increasingly important to train and retain talent, especially in emerging markets; employees need to be continually engaged and developed in order to thrive. The transition from ‘Africa Rising’ to ‘Africa Thriving’ can only be achieved through the retention, recognition and development of talent on this continent.”


Correspondent: Olayiwola A. Ridwan

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