Uganda ranked 3rd refugee hosting country in the world


With the 2,000 refugees that reach Uganda everyday as per the records, the country’s refugee figure has raised from 1.2 to 1.3 now, hence lifting Uganda to being the 3rd top refugee hosting nation in the world.

It is Lebanon according to the United Nations that Uganda has bypassed to reach the current position.

UN refugee hosting countries’ ranking depicts that, Turkey hosts 2.9 million refugees, followed by Pakistan a home to 1.4 million refugees and Uganda now, with 1.3 million refugees.

Uganda, according to the latest figures released by the United Nations, is only headed by Turkey and Pakistan. However, assumptions are that the two countries (Turkey and Pakistan), could too very soon be bypassed, for Uganda to take the 1st position.

This assumption is made upon witnessing the escalating influx of refugees in the country.

A large number of the refugees hosted by the country, come from the neighboring country (South Sudan) due to the political instability there, since July 2016.

South Sudan, according to the UN’s records, takes the 3rd position amongst the countries that refugees flee most from. South Sudan has 1.4 million refugees, Syria coming first with 5.5 million refugees fleeing from it and followed by Afghanistan with 2.5 million refugees.

Uganda provides necessary basic needs like; land, shelter, blankets, food and medical attention to the refugees, in a bid to help them start a new life. However, the country still needs a supporting hand.

It expects to raise $8 billion from the forth coming summit arranged to be held in the country’s capital, Kampala. The money once collected, will as reported, help the government of Uganda to cater for the refugees up to the next four years.

The Pearl of Africa (Uganda) has earned a remarkable reputation as a heaven for those fleeing violence.



Reporter: Shamilah Namuddu

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