RAMADAN GIST – DAY 28: Finish it off with Zakatul Fitr


By Amatul Qafaar


You might ask: what is Zakaatul Fitr?

Zakatul Fitr is a form of charity given to the poor by the end of Ramadan. It is has been narrated that prophet Mohamed (SAW) made this form of charity upon every capable Muslim; free or slave, young or old, “On behalf of our young and old, free men and slaves, we used to take out during Allah’s Messenger’s (upon whom be God’s peace and blessings) lifetime one Saa` of grain, cheese or raisins, Hadeeth”

The head of each family is responsible for paying the Zakatul Fitr of those he is responsible of.

Why should it be paid?

Zakatul Fitr is made obligatory so that the poor and the needy enjoy the fast breaking of Ramadan with the whole society on the Eid celebrations. It is a way of creating bonds with the society and way of disciplining the society to establish love and mercy amongst them

What is the reason behind paying it?

  1. The basis for the payment of Zakatul Fitr is for the poor to be fed with what we are eating in our houses
  2. And to cleanse those who fasted from anything of their sins that may have harmed their fasting

What are the conditions and when should we pay the Zakat al Fitri?

Paying Zakat ul Fitr has particular period to be paid. And after the allocated time, your payment will not be valid if you have no good reason to back you up and Allah is witness over whatever we are doing. The time for Zakat ul Fitra starts at the sunset of the last day of Ramadan until before the Eid prayer is observed. 2 or 3 days prior the Eid day is valid so that the charity is ensured to reach its place. The following groups are the rightful beneficiaries of the Zakat ul Fitri: The poor, the needy, collectors of Zakaah, reconciliations of hearts, free slaves, debtors, religious causes and the travellers who fits the categories.

How much should a person pay?

2.6 kgs or 3 kg of whatever we feed our families that are permissible and edible for the people you are giving it to. No classes of people are needed when paying the Zakat ul Fitri.


May we all be guided to pay the due amount at the right time, Ameen.


Wa salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah

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