672 prisoners freed in Syria to mark Eid-el-Fitri


Syria government has finally decided to free some prisoners who are closely due to go home and ready to turn a new leaf. It has been reported that about 672 detainees were released from Syrian prisons on Saturday, a day ahead of Eid el-Fitr feast to reunite and celebrate with their families.

Reports also confirmed that the detainees were from several Syrian provinces and were released to further enable peace and unity to reign in the country. Government officials believe that the holy month (Ramadan) has affected the lives of some of the prisoners which made them qualified to go home.

In addition, Justice Minister Hisham Mohammad al-Shaar said that the prisoners are legally confirmed to be freed and that their cases have been settled which eventually led to their release. He further said that all the 672 persons pledged never to partake in illegal acts that violate or breach the laws of the country. It was confirmed that the authorities brought the detainees and released them from the al-Baath Party branch in the capital Damascus, immediately after Justice Minister Hisham al-Sha’ar spoke to them about not breaching the laws again.

During Hisham rehabilitation talk, it was reported that each detainee carried his identification card and other related documentations in a plastic pack, when al-Sha’ar said their release was “a real chance to think again and re-embrace the homeland.” He further said that they were really lucky to be out and they should make a good life out of their living.

In addition, the released persons included women and their children, as well as young men. Many of them were said to have been in prison for domestic violence and crimes. Also, some of them were said to have spent more than three years in prison, while others for few months only, depending on the charges. It was also confirmed that the government usually releases some detainees, mostly with misdemeanors or jailed for political reasons, ahead of the Eid occasion.

However, in February, Amnesty International accused the Syrian authorities of hanging thousands of prisoners and dumping bodies in mass graves in the notorious military prison of Saydnaya. The government officials and President Bashar al-Assad repeatedly denied this allegation which was later confirmed not to be true.

The 672 persons are heading to reunite with their families to celebrate. Many of them have vowed never to violate or breach the laws of the country again. The government in waiting and hoping that they would abide by the laws.

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