Salah promises Liverpool hundred percent performance with his new signing


As Mohamed Salah bade AS Roma goodbye on Thursday, 22nd of June, with his fresh signing into the Liverpool Football Club, the 25-year-old player commences another journey in his football career at Amfield.

According to a report published on Vanguard News Website, Salah has expressed his excitement over his porting from AS Roma to Liverpool, looking forward to his official declaration on the 1st of July.

“I’m very excited to be here. I’m very happy,” Salah in an interview told

As it is expected, Salah assured Liverpool management and fans to anticipate stunts from him with his signing into the team. He affirmed his enthusiasm with his agreement to play on the side of the club, disclosing his desperation as a new player to win trophies for Liverpool.

“I will give 100 per cent and give everything for the club. I really want to win something for this club.”

Following Mohamed Salah’s pledge to deliver his best possible in the service to the club, the former AS Roma footballer confirmed that Liverpool as club has a pack of great players that are capable of going real time wonders.

In the exact words of the player: “We (Liverpool) have a great team and very good players.” Relishing one of Liverpool’s memorable highlights, the player recalled a “game last year” where “everyone was giving 100 per cent (of their effort for the club) to win something”.

“Everyone can see the coach gives everything,” Salah said. “I hope to see that together we can give everything to win something for the club, for the supporters and for us,” he added.

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