London mosque attack suspect appeared in court on Friday to answer his identity


According to the Telegraph News website, “terror suspect accused of carrying out a premeditated attack on Muslims” has appeared before Westminster Magistrates Court where he was interrogated to confirm his identity. The suspect’s name is Darren Osborne. According to the report, Darren Osborne’s age is 47 and he is currently unemployed.

It should be recalled that Darren Osborne on Monday drove into a crowd of Muslim Worshippers outside a mosque on Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park, north London, shouting “I want to kill all Muslims “. This unfortunate attack led to the death of Mr Makram Ali, who could not survive the trauma and force from the planned collision.   Darren Osborne’s case is hereby placed for a preliminary hearing in court, on Tuesday, 27th of June.

Meanwhile, “Woman feared dead in the Grenfell Tower disaster after she made a heartbreaking call to her mother to say goodbye has turned up alive in hospital,” the Telegraph News website reports.

The Report continued, disclosing that, “Ms Ahmed,” while the fire was at full blaze, “…shared a heartbreaking call as the fire closed in, telling her mother: “I can’t get out. Goodbye.”

According to the Mother of Ms. Ahmed reported that “In her last call to us she said, ‘I cant come down any more. I can’t get down. I’m in God’s hands now. Pray for me. Goodbye.’

For Ms. Ahmed’s mother, the message is no doubt a grave statement, enough and capable to shock her to death. She acknowledged that hope was lost at the site of the incident, thanking the firefighter that was instrumental to saving her daughter,  describing him as a hero.

“He [the firefighter] is a hero. He saved her life, it’s that simple. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have got out. We are just so happy she is okay. When we saw how bad the fire was and knew she was inside, it was terrible. We didn’t think anyone else could get out of there alive.”

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